Welcome to COMSARE

Dr. Michel A. Reece, Director

The Center of Microwave, Satellite, and RF Engineering (COMSARE), is a major research center within Morgan State University's School of Engineering that has an established legacy in the development of microwave and millimeter wave communication technology. COMSARE’s research group focuses on the development of standard and custom device models for high frequency transistors, the design of high-speed, low-power and high power monolithic microwave integrated circuits (MMICs), and engage in the development of advanced CAD tools to enhance device modeling capabilities and processes. The development of advanced RF components and circuits is a fitting addition to COMSARE’s current research capabilities. Previous design experience of MICs and GaAs-based MMICs (i.e. solid-state power amplifiers, multipliers, LNAs, etc..) can be leveraged to assist in the development of SDR-based RF components.

COMSARE’s primary research facilities include an undergraduate RF microwave measurement laboratory, a high frequency characterization lab, and a computer simulation lab. The characterization labs are capable of DC and AC measurements of on-wafer devices up to 50 GHz. The character equipment includes an Agilent Technologies 8510C Network Analyzer, Cascade Summit 10K Probe Station and Agilent IC-CAP 2008 extraction software. One of the characterization labs is host to two EM shielded rooms. The computer simulation lab hosts the full versions of the latest releases of the leading microwave design software including Ansoft's HFSS, Designer, Agilent Technologies' ADS 2009, Genesys 2009, AWR Microwave Office 2009.